Red Wagon Canine Rehabilitation offers mobile veterinary services in the Denver Metro.  Dr. Grubb primarily focuses on rehabilitative exercises and pain management using both eastern and western medicine.   Many of her patients are senior dogs with arthritic or neurologic conditions, but she does have a few youngsters in the group recovering from orthopedic surgeries or just in need of conditioning.  Dr Grubb runs the practice with a small-town approach, taking the time to develop trust and strong relationships with patients and their families.


Red Wagon Canine Rehabilitation has evolved to include end-of-life services to assist her client families with the tough decisions and help them say goodbye to their beloved companion in a secure, familiar, pain-free setting.  Dr. Grubb finds that often this time is for herself as well –  to give thanks to these wonderful animals that she has had the privilege to treat over the years and to provide them a dignified journey to the rainbow bridge.

Dr. Grubb has witnessed the human-animal bond in its perfect form in her practice.  It looks different each time; but it’s there; it’s pure; and always warms my heart.

 Dr. Grubb also to serves as the President for the Human Animal Bond Trust (HABT), the oldest pet loss support group in the country.  The group’s  commitment to promoting, cultivating and nurturing the human-animal bond as well as to providing a healthy outlet for those families grieving a pet’s illness or death provides an essential service to the community.